Kingston 90 Day Challenge Finale

We are honored to help change peoples’ lives. This 90 Day Challenge took Tyler down 9.1%. He changed from Couch Potato, his own words, to Athlete in just 90 days. His 32lb loss and 9.1% body fat is one of the best we have seen. Emily lost 5% body fat and 10 inches in 90 days.

Our Runners-up were equally successful. Dwayne lost 34lbs and 7% body fat, and Yes, he is not in his twenties! He proves that anyone and everyone can change their life in a short amount of time. Marti lost 9 inches, 3.5% body fat and 12lbs. Everyone was smiling today!

                      Runners-up:                                                                     Champions:





















Hyundai Motor America HQ- Fountain Valley

Complete Fitness Management since 2013: Gym management, Group Class design, implementation, and management. Two years of our 90 Day program.

HMA Reference letter 2017


Kingston Technology-Fountain Valley

Complete Wellness management since 2010. Group Class design, implementation, and management. Three years of our 90 Day program. 2017 program added 6 week extension due to overwhelming success.

Kingston Reference letter


Working Wardrobes- Orange County

Working Wardrobes…Letter of Reference


Disney- Anaheim


Downs Syndrome Association of Orange County




Torres Martinez Cahuilla Indians