About us

At Health IQ, our goals for our Corporate clients are to:

  • Increase activity
  • Decrease stress
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism and Presenteeism(Working while sick)
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce health Care spending
  • Reduce health and worker’s comp. insurance claims and premiums
  • Educate, support, and succeed, all through accountability and positive motivation

Our programs are budget based and fully customizable based on the company’s needs and budget.
We recommend providing Weekly, On-site Fitness classes, Monthly Lunch and learns, Quarterly challenges and creating multiple layers of accountability. 


High stress and low energy levels severely compromise the employee’s health and productivity.

Health IQ is a comprehensive, voluntary, employee wellness initiative for results-driven organizations that are committed to being active participants in controlling healthcare costs, maximizing employee health and improving productivity. It is designed for organizations that are embarking on wellness initiatives for the first time or that want a turnkey program requiring minimal administration.

Doug Schulein and Jack Kenefick have over 35 years combined experience in helping members of the business community achieve greater productivity and satisfaction in their career, while living healthier and getting more enjoyment out of life.

As this program is customizable, we will sit down with Benefits and HR teams to discuss everything from:

  • Identifying usable space inside the property
  • Helping transition space into a functional fitness area
  •  Designing class schedule, implementing, hiring and managing trainers
  • Budget
  • Goals for the program, short and long term
  • ROI
  • 90 Days to a Healthier You program
  • Walking program
  • Professional weight management, activity tracking and nutrition app

            Founders at Health IQ:

 Douglas Schulein

 Jack Kenefick